A very busy May (so far)

Hello again

Gee this month has been a busy month so far! Wedding anniversary, Mothers Day and just busy with family, children and work.

I completed my granny stripe blanket (Attic24) this month which made me very happy and it is looking lovely on the lounge (photos soon I promise :-)) It has started to get cold here in Australia, so last week I started to crochet a wool winter scarf that can be found in the Simply Crochet magazine.

Some other exciting news, my pack for my cosy stripe blanket (Attic24) arrived from the lovely people at Wool Warehouse, so fingers crossed next week I have time to start making another lovely blanket for our lounge room. I must admit I really enjoy making blankets, it is such a lovely feeling walking past or into a room and seeing something you created being used by one of your children or just laying there in wait for someone to snuggle under it!.

Hope you are having a lovely week wherever you all may be.

Until next time.

C xx


Happy Mothers Day

I find it hard to believe that this year was my 13th year of being a mum on Mothers Day. After a lovely day including lunch at my mums and then dinner out it is now time to get ready for the week ahead.

On the craft front, I have completed my granny strip blanket which looks fantastic on the lounge. I am looking at ordering another yarn pack from Wool Warehouse in the UK (very fast delivery to Australia) to do another blanket. I find the rows growing and growing and the colours changing very relaxing and fills my heart with such pleasure and joy.

I have a hectic 3 weeks ahead of me but staring from June I am hoping to spend more time on my blog and to add some photos and different little bits to brighten it up 🙂

Have a fantastic week and until next time.


Hello world!

Thank you for finding my blog. This is a way for me to publish my craft projects with you. I love doing crochet, cooking, embroidery and reading. I follow many blogs, with Attic24 blog (http://attic24.typepad.com) being one of my favourites (and many others).

I have just completed my first blanket (granny stripe) which I really enjoyed and I am looking at purchasing the cosy strip blanket pack from Wool Warehouse to complete another blanket. I am starting to get a few WIP’s happening so maybe this year should be the year to clear out some projects.

I have recently found out about Johanna Basford, and find her drawings amazing, she a very talented artist. I am waiting for my books to arrive (book depository) so I can start to colour in and use my artistic flare to keep me busy.

I promise to add some photos as soon as I work it out!

Until next time.